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Well we have all had things in life that we have regretted and sometimes tattoos can be just the very thing, maybe once it meant the world to you but now you hate looking at it.

Well here at the VIP tattoo studio / parlour we can cover up your bad ink with something new exciting and that you will hopefully love forever.

Getting a good cover up is certainly not an easy task. Many cover ups you can still see a hint of the old tattoo behind the new tattoo, but this is often the case where part of the old will be used as part of the new and used as a camouflage piece. Some tattoos that need covering can be very dark and heavily scarred. Sadly there is nothing that can be done for the texture of the scarring but the old design will not be legible.

A cover-up is an entirely different kind of tattoo than a tattoo on blank skin. Some concepts work in covering up tattoos, but most don’t. There are a few important things you should know if you want to get a good cover-up so that the new tattoo looks like a good tattoo and not like a cover-up.

Cover ups not only mean tattooing over old tattoos but also over scars with some great results and perfect for hiding a scar you dont like

  • The new tattoo design must be at least three or four times the size of your old tattoo.
  • The new tattoo will need to use plenty of black shading, especially if the old tattoo is really dark.
  • The new tattoo design must be a solid design with lots of coverage you won’t be able to have negative (blank) spaces in the tattoo, so typical tribal designs will not work.
  • Flash designs usually don’t work well for bigger cover-ups, but there are a few exceptions. Usually a design will have to be custom-drawn to ensure the old tattoo is covered up completely.
  • Warm colours like red, yellow, and orange don’t work well for covering tattoos. Cool colours like blue, green, purple are best for cover-ups.
  • It may take a second or third layer of tattooing to completely cover your old tattoo if it is really dark. Therefore, you need to have patience when getting them done.
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